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Case Study

2 Storey Early Victorian Extension

An extra kitchen space and en-suite bedroom

This is a kitchen bedroom and ensuite entension. We found the best possible match on brick and mortar to the existing house for a seamless finish and took great pride getting the match as close to the existing house as possible.

This extension has totally transformed this house and made a great kitchen with plenty of space to entertain guests. As you can see from the pictures we have used steels in the kitchen to carry the ensuite above. These have been boxed around and plastered and have added character to this stunning kitchen. Velux windows have been added to the vaulted ceiling to add extra light to the kitchen. The reclaimed tiles on the floor are from an 18th Century Spanish Church and look spectacular.

Peter and Carl have done renovation work for us on our previous house and originally became known to us by recommendation from a member of our family who had used them for two substantial projects. What initially interested us in their work was the fact that they seemed to be able to work sympathetically with older properties.

We live in an early Victorian house in a conservation area which meant that we were given many obstacles and challenges from Lichfield Planning department. Peter and Carl were not fazed by any of this and set about providing us with a concise, creative and practical plan on how we would achieve what we and our architect had come up with.

There reputation precedes them locally and this with their wealth of knowledge and many years of running their business instilled great confidence in us and our project.

We live in a very secluded rural location with many environmental challenges that needed to be dealt with sensitively. They dealt with and managed this through themselves and their equally responsible staff in nothing less than a perfect manner. On site everything was tidied away at the end of the day, rubbish was not left lying around and consideration was given to our neighbour who owns 90% of the land that surrounds our property.

All issues that cropped up on the build were bought to our attention, solutions discussed and ideas put forward. Nothing was done without consultation. More importantly, if any of our ideas were impractical, they would take the time to explain why to us and set out the alternatives they knew would work better. This again gave us great confidence in their abilities and built trust. We felt as if they were looking out for our best interests both aesthetically and financially. Peter and Carl were not the cheapest quote we had for work but were not the most expensive.

We had already made our mind up to use them due to the craftsmanship and work we had been and visited on several of their projects. Their skills, knowledge and craftsmanship are second to none and we would never use anybody else. I would welcome anybody to come to our house so we could show off their work!"

Richard Turfrey & Sarah Ashfield